Casengo provides custom reports
Request your custom report or export at and we will set things up within one working day.

Every Casengo account receives basic reporting. Reports can be found in the Admin Settings > Reporting. By default you will see the case activity statistics for the current day.

Case activity report

This report provides general information such as how many cases were created, updated to pending, or resolved for the specified time period.

Day Reports

Please find a brief description of each statistic below:

Time: the hour of the day cases were either created or updated.

Created: the number of cases created in that particular hour of the day.

Pending: the number of cases in that hour that were updated to pending. For example, at 10:00 there were 4 cases assigned a ‘pending’ status. If, at 11:00 a ‘pending’ case becomes resolved, the data will be updated to reflect this change. For 10:00 it will show 3 cases assigned a pending status (let’s assume that no other cases were updated). For the hour block beginning at 11:00 it will now show 1 case as resolved.

Resolved: The number of cases resolved during that hour. If a resolved case is reopened, this case is subtracted from the total number of resolved cases for that hour.

Deleted: The number of cases deleted during that hour, again, regardless of what day or time it was created.

Resolved time: The average time to resolve a case, across all the cases resolved that hour.

Reporting across different days/times

To see data for yesterday, or for a particular time period, simply click on the down arrow next to today’s date in the top right of the screen.

Yesterday: Data for ‘Yesterday’ displays the same information as live data for the current day. The ‘Yesterday’ report gets updated in real time anytime a case changes status within a 3-day rolling reporting period.

Last 7 days: This report shows the total number of created, pending, deleted and resolved cases for each of the last 7 days. Data is ‘locked in’ to a report on a rolling 3-day continuum. For example, a case is created on day 1, placed in pending on day 2, and resolved on day 3. If, on day 4, this case is put back into ‘pending’ status this change will not be reflected in the reporting.

All other reports, Last 14 Days, Last 28 Days, and monthly reports follow this format and will report total data for each day in that period.

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