Want to add a label to a case? Smart move! By labeling cases you can monitor trends, provide a quick overview of the case when you assign it to a colleague, and make it easier for yourself to search and find particular cases in the future. Each Casengo account comes with seven different labels - from ‘complaint’ to ‘sales lead’- and you can create your own labels like this:

How to create labels:
1. Jump on over to the Admin Settings > General and select Labels from the left-hand menu.
2. Click the blue Add label(s) button
3. Add a label and hit Enter and repeat this step for every label you want to create
4. When you’re done inputting all your labels, click Save and you’ll see them all there in your Labels list.

Note: if you want to delete a label, simply click on the trash bin icon to the right of the label and confirm the deletion.

To add a label to a case, just open the case, click on the Label icon on the right hand side and select the appropriate label from the drop down list.

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