For each contact in Casengo you can add a LinkedIn link as a contact field. This will allow you to perform a LinkedIn search from within Casengo, allowing you to quickly retrieve all the information about that contact whilst answering support questions.

To achieve this, you must add a Custom URL to your contact panel, which is the part on the left when you open a case (the one that by default contains your contact’s name, email address, phone number, company - and a possibility to add a note).

How to add a LinkedIn link

1. Go to the Admin Settings and click on Contact Panel in the General tab.
2. Hit the blue Add Custom URL button.
3. Go to the URL field and click on the LinkedIn logo.
4. Now you will see the field label, text field for the link, and a LinkedIn URL.
5. Click Save and you’re done.

The field is now added to the contact list at your Casengo customers. To check this, go to the Inbox and open a case. You will see the newly added links in the contact panel. If you click on it, you’ll see the search results in LinkedIn. Please note that you must have completed the contact’s name to use the link.

Do you want LinkedIn to search for something else?

You can of course search for much more. Here are some examples to modify the Custom URL:
- Searching in LinkedIn on email address:
- Searching in LinkedIn by company name:
- Searching in LinkedIn by telephone number:

Do you want to use a placeholder other than the default placeholders , , and ? Just add your own input field and add this to your Custom URL (here's how) An example: add a field ‘company address’. By adding this field as a placeholder you can search the address by the click of a button in LinkedIn.

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