Round Robin has two modes, Normal and Availability. In Normal mode new chat messages from customers will send notifications to all agents. In Availability mode, chat conversations are put in a queue. Agents can pull chats from this queue. Agents will only receive notifications about chat cases which they own.

When should I use availability mode?

When your support is overwhelmed with customers you should switch to Availability mode so that the chat widget(s) hide when you're at maximum capacity. When the maximum capacity is reached the system will hide the chat widget button from your website. Customers who try to initiate a chat with you will receive a message that you are not available for chat. This message can be customised in Chat Settings. Once capacity is available, the system will show all chat widget(s) and hide the ‘not available’ message.

Agents will be able to set themselves to available and help customers on a first-in first-out basis. Agents cannot cherry pick conversations. The button to pull chats from the queue shows neither the name of the contact nor his first message.

When should I use normal mode?

You should use Normal mode when your support team usually has enough capacity to handle incoming chat conversations and you want your chat widget(s) to be visible no matter how busy your agents are. Normal mode will send each individual notification to each agent. When an agent clicks on the notification and opens the case, the notification will be hidden for other agents. Normal mode is the default mode for all accounts.

Logged in agents are always available and can choose what customers to help. The notifications show the name of the customer and the message content.

FeatureNormal modeAvailability mode
NotificationsAgents share notifications, everyone sees every individual chat notification.When one is picked up it will be hidden for all other agents.Agents get their own queue from which they can pull chats. There are no individual notifications.
QueueNot available.Each agent gets a queue with chat cases that he can open. The queue contains chat customers waiting for help. When a customer comes back online in an existing case without an owner, he will be moved to the top of the queue (highest priority).
Hide chat widget(s) automaticallyNot available.The chat widget(s) will automatically hide when the team is at maximum capacity.
Capacity managementNot available.The system will automatically calculate if a chat widget should be shown or hidden based on active agents, currently opened cases and customers in the queue.
Max capacity per agentNot available.The admin can set a maximum capacity per agent that is used to determine when he is too busy to accept chats. If every agent is at max capacity or is set as away, chat widgets will automatically hide.
Pull extra chat(s)Individual agents can open unlimited chats.Individual agents can pull any number of chats from the queue.
Customer(s) waitingNot available.You can see how many customers are in the queue at any given moment.
Away stateNot available.When they go on a break, individual agents can set themselves to away. If every agent assigned to a chat widget goes away, or is at max capacity, the chat widget button will hide automatically.
Chat notification previewAgents can read the first sentences of the chat message.Agents cannot read the content of the notification nor the name of the customer.
Facebook, WhatsApp, Email notificationsNot affected.Not affected.

Technical details


The queue is a list of waiting customers that started a chat but have not yet received help. The customers are helped in a first in first out basis. When a customer comes back to an existing case without an owner, he is moved to the top in the queue to be picked up first and get help.

Total account capacity

The max capacity of a chat channel is based on the agent(s) that have access to that channel (based on the teams he is assigned to) multiplied by the maximum capacity per agent.

  • Example:
  • 5 agents have access to a chat channel
  • The maximum capacity per agent is 5.
  • Maximum capacity of the channel is 5 x 5 = 25.

Agent capacity

The current agent capacity is based on the maximum capacity per agent minus the customers he helps and the customers waiting in his queue.

Available agent capacity = Max capacity per agent - (cases currently opened by agent + customers waiting in agent’s queue)

  • Example:
  • The maximum capacity per agent is 5.
  • The agent is helping 2 customers.
  • There are 2 customers waiting in the agent’s queue.
  • The remaining capacity is 5 - (2 + 2) = 1.

If the agent’s remaining capacity is reduced to 0, he is considered to be at max capacity.

Maximum capacity per agent

The maximum capacity per agent is a number that is used to determine at which point an agent is considered busy. This number is configured by an administrator. When an agent opens a case or a new chat arrives in his queue, his capacity decreases by 1.

Note: Max capacity per agent does not limit the number of chats an agent can handle at the same time. It is just used for hiding and showing the chat widget.