Would you like to Google your customer and his company, or look into your CRM system, directly from Casengo? You can easily do so by creating the so-called ‘custom URL’ contact field. It allows you to add a link to the contact panel, which is the part on the left when you open a case (the one that by default contains your contact’s name, email address, phone number, company - and a possibility to add a note).
A Custom URL is a link in which you use a placeholder - a dynamically prefilled value that is different for every contact. By using a placeholder, you do not separately enter a link for each contact, but add a link with a generic placeholder for all your contacts. This placeholder will automatically be filled in with the contact’s name, email address or any other contact data you prefer.

The URLs for Google, LinkedIn , Salesforce or Zoho are already predefined by us, so you can easily add these yourself.

Custom URL with existing Placeholders
Each field in the Contact Panel will have a specific ‘field id’. This can be used as a placeholder. By default we setup the following placeholders for you:
- name
- email
- phone
- company

The placeholder fills in the completed value of the field 'name' in the URL. The Custom URL http://www.google.com/#q= fills in the name of every contact in the place of the placeholder . For example: http://www.google.com/#q= Floris van der Veen .

Custom URL with new placeholders
If you need a value for a Custom URL not yet used in the Contact Panel, you need to add an input field first. This could be a customer number, order number or skype id for example. The placeholder for this new field will automatically appear in the list placeholders when adding a Custom URL.

How do I know which URL I should use?
You can add any URL you would like, to give you an example http://www.123people.nl. Just try to use the search functionality on this website and copy this URL without your keywords (used for search). Replace these keywords with the placeholder of so the URL will contain the correct keywords.
So replace http://www.123people.nl/s/floris+van+der+veen with http://www.123people.nl/s/ and try it with some customers!

How to add a Custom URL
1. Go to the Admin Settings
2. In General go to Contact Panel
3. Hit the blue Add Custom URL button
4. In Field title fill in the name of the field
5. In Text to display fill in the description for this field
6. In URL you can setup the Custom URL and add a placeholder. Or you can choose one of the predefined Custom URL’s by clicking one of the logos underneath the URL field
7. Now press the b>Save button.


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