To assign labels or custom tags to your mailbox follow the steps below.

If you like to identify new messages to agents based on its mailbox origin than you can notify agents by adding one or more labels to a mailbox.

By automatically assigning one or more labels to new messages you can identify multiple mailboxes, use Casengo across all your brands, departments and teams.

How to automatically add labels to emails

1. Go to the Admin Settings and select Mailboxes from the left-hand menu of the Channels tab
2. Choose the mailbox you would like to assign labels
3. Click the Add labels button next to the on/off button
4. Add a label by typing the name and hit enter or check the label(s) you want to add to the mailbox
5. Click save button when you're done.

Your selected labels will be assigned automatically to all new messages from this mailbox.

Note: if you want to delete a label, simply go to Labels in the left-hand menu of the General tab and click on the ‘trash bin’ icon to the right of the label and confirm the deletion.

You can do this for all of your mailboxes so you can identify them in your inbox. Besides the automatically added labels you can always add your own custom labels by opening the case, click on the ‘Select a label to add to this case’ field and select the appropriate label from the drop down list.

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