If you're using Casengo as your main customer service tool, ignoring Facebook is simply not an option. So connect Casengo to your Facebook Page - your company's presence on Facebook - and respond to comments or posts without leaving Casengo. Don't miss a thing!

Important: You need to log in with your personal Facebook credentials. If you log in as being your company ('Signed in as [company name]') the Facebook Pages integration for Casengo won't work properly.

1. Go to the Admin Settings.
2. Click on 'Channels' (top menu bar).
3. Click on 'Facebook' and the 'Add Facebook Page' button.
4. Fill in your personal Facebook credentials to allow Casengo to access your company Facebook Page.
5. Facebook will ask for permission to connect to the Casengo App. (Don't be alarmed: this is asked up to 3 times...)
6. In the Casengo Admin Site, you'll now need to select the correct Facebook Page to add to Casengo.
7. Press F5 to refresh the application and you're ready to go!

From now on, all comments and posts appearing on your company's Facebook Page will be turned into individual cases in your Casengo inbox.

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