Use notifications to be alerted of new and updated cases without keeping your eyes peeled on the Casengo application.

How to set your notifications
From your Inbox, click on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen and go to notification settings. You can set three different notifications in your Casengo application.

Email notifications
For email notifications, check the checkbox send me an email for each case update. Notifications can be sent to any email address of your choice by checking the checkbox use a different email address to notify me.

Sound notifications
For sound notifications, check the checkbox play this sound whenever I receive a first message from an online contact. The default ringtone can be updated by simply clicking on the ring tone name and selecting a new tone from the dropdown menu.

You can specify a time, in seconds, when this ring tone will repeat if the conversation isn't picked up. Check the checkbox for the repeat option and update the interval time as you wish.

Browser notifications
For browser notifications (only available for Chrome and Firefox), check the checkboxes for all new email messages and for all new live chat messages. A browser pop-up will now ask you to grand permission for displaying notifications. Choose allow.

Click update. Voila, you'll never miss a live chat opportunity!

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