Research shows that consumers are more willing to buy if they get their question answered within one hour. Rise to this challenge using Casengo! Activating the email module will turn each email into a case in your Casengo inbox. You'll be responding faster than ever, easily collaborating with co–workers, using quick replies whenever possible and even switching to chat mode. All of your customer communication in one place – it's time to battle email chaos and get the overview back!

Forward your email from your current provider to your Casengo email address: Gmail, Outlook or other providers.

Add a mailbox in the Casengo admin site. Read all about it, or do it right now.

Using Casengo for both email and chat will enable you to turn visitors into customers in no time. And activating it only takes two minutes! Try it today, because faster responses result in happier customers.

Check out this How To video for some help:

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