Casengo's Whatsapp Connector supports a various set of features. Please note that the connector is being updated almost weekly. New updates include stability upgrades, more features and more integrations with other parts of the Casengo platform. Before you decide to start using the WhatsApp connector please read the list of available features:

WhatsApp Connector can:
- Send and receive text messages. You can send/receive ~80.000 per day (without the risk of being blocked or banned!)
- Organise WhatsApp conversations with case management across your entire team
- Receive new conversations from customers
- Receive messages to the Casengo Inbox so multiple agents can reply to customer questions
- Store all WhatsApp conversations
- Set profile name, picture and status in WhatsApp app

Currently in progress (updated: 17-Oct-2016):
- Receiving images
- Scanning QR code in inbox
- Retrieving profile pictures

WhatsApp Connector cannot:
- Show emoticons in messages
- Send and receive images
- Send and receive videos
- Send and receive voice messages
- Send and receive location
- Join a group
- Leave a group
- Send and receive calls
- Retrieve profile pictures
- Retrieve profile status of a user
- Broadcast messages
- Start a conversation
- Import all old conversations