Mailboxes within Casengo can be used to receive emails from your own email address. Create a mailbox to send and receive emails from different email addresses.

Connecting your existing mailbox (Gmail, Outlook, Office365, etc) with Casengo is easy.

Suppose you currently use and as your primary email accounts. In Casengo you can create two mailboxes and forward your emails to these newly created mailboxes.

How to add mailboxes

1. Go to the Admin Settings and select Mailboxes on the left of the Channels tab.
2. Press the blue Add Mailbox button
3. In the Add Mailbox window, enter the following two fields:
Name: Enter the name of the mailbox (for example: Mailbox Company A) . This is only used in the Admin App.
From Address: Enter the email address where you are currently receiving your emails.(example: Now press the Save button.
4. It’s now time to forward your email from your existing mailboxes to your Casengo inbox.. Once your email is forwarded all incoming emails are answered automatically from the correct mailbox.

Use the copy button to copy and paste your Casengo email address into your current email program easily. You'll need to forward your email from this program to Casengo (for example, sending to

Press the close button to close the window.

5. Your new mailbox is now ready to receive your own emails. Just go to your current email program and forward your emails to the obtained (in step 2) Casengo email address. With the green on/off button, you can (de)activate the mailbox.

Need some help forwarding your current email address to the Casengo email address?

Click here for a step-by-step explanation for the most used email programs.

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