How to enable the prechat
1. Go to the Admin Settings
2. Go to Channels
3. Go to Chat and Configuration
4. Enable or disable the Prechat Form.
5. Click on Save

The Prechat Form contains 3 fields:
- Name
- Email address
- Question

Why would you want to enable the Prechat Form?
- By obtaining a visitor’s personal details up front, you can easily follow up with him or her in the future.

- Visitors are uniquely identified by their email address. If a visitor has previously been in contact with customer support their history can be retrieved from the other cases button whenever a case is created. Now that's efficient!

Why would you want to disable the Prechat Form?
- Sometimes visitors wish to remain anonymous, or they do not want to take the time to complete 3 fields of information. The form then becomes a roadblock that may prevent them from starting the chat conversation in the first place.

- Without the Prechat Form, you can always ask the visitor for his or her email address. The support agent can then input it directly into the Casengo case. If the visitor closes the chat window without providing an email address, the conversation will be recorded under the customer name (along with all further unidentified chat conversations).

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