This guide will explain how to setup a Twilio account and connect a WhatsApp number to your Casengo Inbox.

1. Create a Twilio account


Click on Sign up

Enter your details

Verify your email

Verify your mobile phone number

This phone number does not have to be the WhatsApp number you actually want to use.

Do you write code? No

Click on Skip to dashboard

2. Buy a Twilio phone number

Open the menu by clicking on the left side on the circle with the 3 dots in the middle

Open Phone Numbers

Click on Buy a Number

Select your country

Click on Search

Click on Buy for any number that has SMS capabilities

Confirm the purchase by clicking on Next

Who will use the number? Select A business

Click on Create Address

Click on Add new Address

Fill in your details and click on Create

Go back to the Previous tab and Refresh your browser.

Click the Buy button again, Next, A business

Now select the address you just created in Assign Address.

Click on Buy+ button

3. Request to enable your Twilio number for WhatsApp

Fill in this form:

First name: Your first name

Last name: Your last name

Phone number: Your company phone number (WhatsApp may call you)

Email address: Your company email address (WhatsApp may email you)

Company name: Your full legal company name

Company website: Your company website

Company HQ Country: The country of your company head quarter

Enter Twilio Account SID:

Open and copy the ACCOUNT SID in to the field

Enter Facebook Business Manager ID:

Follow this guide:

Select I’ve completed Facebook Business Verification:

Company vertical: Select Your business vertical. If the vertical is not listed; contact us.

What is your use case? Customer Support

Which regions are you sending messages to?: Select your region.

How many messages are you sending per month during the first year? Do an estimate.

I wish to provision this account with a third party vendor: No.

Assign approval to alternate Account SID (Optional): No.

Click on Request Now

4. Track updates

Log in to your email and your Facebook account to see if you get any notifications about WhatsApp approval.

Once approved, continue with Step 5.

5. Create a sender profile

(This chapter comes from Twilio)


Log into the Twilio Console and go to the Programmable SMS > WhatsApp > Senders section. Click the "+" button to create a new profile.

When you submit a business profile, ensure that your display name follows WhatsApp’s Display Name rules. WhatsApp will reject display names that don't match the business name in Facebook Business Manager.

Using the information from your completed "Submit Profile Information" form, Twilio will submit your Twilio number and Business Profile display name to WhatsApp. You will receive automated confirmation through Zendesk that your Profile Information form has been received.Using a brand name in your WhatsApp Business Profile

You may have a brand name that you wish to use for your WhatsApp Business Profile that differs from the name of your company. If so, there must be a clear, externally published association between your company and the brand. This association between the brand and your business needs to be displayed on your website and on the display name itself.

For example, if your company is Johnny Mobile and your brand is "PizzaApp", then we would recommend using the name "PizzaApp by Johnny Mobile." This association must be published on your website so WhatsApp can verify it.This means that somewhere on the website, there must be a visible relationship between the two names. If you would like to keep the name "PizzaApp", this will generally require an appeal to WhatsApp and may extend the registration process.

6. Approve Twilio to send messages on your behalf

(This chapter comes from Twilio)

When you receive notice that Twilio has submitted your WhatsApp Business display name and Twilio number to WhatsApp, you need to approve Twilio to send messages on behalf of that Business Profile. You will receive an email to "approve Twilio to message on behalf of" in Facebook Business Messenger. This email usually has the subject "WhatsApp Profile Request."

Go to the Facebook Business Manager console (the one that you submitted in Step 1) and approve Twilio to "message on behalf of." You can find this request by following this link, or navigating to > Business Settings > Requests section. Once there, click the Approve button.

After you approve Twilio to message on your behalf, Twilio will complete the registration process to connect your Twilio number and your WhatsApp Business Profile. You will receive an email confirmation that Twilio has finalized the registration of your profile.

7. Setup Messaging on your Twilio account

Setup the Casengo endpoint on Twilio.

Navigate to

Click on the Phone number you want to connect

Scroll down to Messaging and enter the following line in the "A message comes in" form

Do not make any other changes.

Click on Save

8. Connect to Casengo

Final step!


Click on WhatsApp

Click on the + icon

Select Twilio and click on Add

Enter your Twilio Account SID

You can find the SID here:

Enter your Twilio Auth Token

You can find the Auth Token here:

Phone number: The Phone number you bought from Twilio.

Templated Messages: Do not select anything.

Assign to Team: Select your default WhatsApp Team if you have any.

Click on Connect.

Done 🎉