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Adding articles to your FAQ can be done in the admin site > knowledge base. The more articles you add, the easier it is for your customers to find their own answers. Before you create individual articles, consider the main categories and subcategories these articles will fall under.

How to add articles to the FAQ
1. In the Admin Settings, head over to the Knowledge base tab
2. Click on the blue Add category button and create the high level category. Your second-level subcategories will stem from this main category. For example, 'Shipping & Delivery' is my high level category. Once you’ve inputted the category title, hit Save.
3. Click on the new category you have created – you will see it become highlighted.
4. Next, add any subcategories related to this category, for example 'Shipping Rates & Times'. Just click the blue Add subcategory button, input the subcategory title and hit Save.
5. Add articles to this subcategory - for example, 'Global Shipping rates' – by clicking on the Articles link from the left-hand menu and selecting the category and subcategory you just created from the dropdown list.
6. Hit the blue Add article button.
7. Input the article title and the article text, make sure you check the Show in FAQ box and hit Save.

Refresh your FAQ page and you should see the new article immediately. FYI: You can find your FAQ page at http://[mysubdomain]

Did you know you can set up your own FAQ?