To forward emails from your Outlook account to your Casengo email address, you need to create a redirect rule. See below:

How to forward from Outlook:
1. In Mail, in the Navigation Pane, click Rules and Alerts.
2. If you have more than one e-mail account in your Outlook e-mail profile, in the Apply changes to this folder list, click the Inbox to which you want the rule to apply.
3. Click New Rule.
4. Under the option Start from a blank rule, select Apply rule on messages I receive and then click Next.
5. Under Step 1: Select condition(s), select the check box next to each condition that you want the incoming message to match. If want all emails to be forwarded to your Casengo account, regardless of any criteria, leave all the boxes unchecked. If you do not select a condition(s) click Next and proceed to step 7.
6. Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, click the underlined value that corresponds to the condition, and then select or type the necessary information.
7. Under Step 1: Select actions, check the box Redirect to people or public group.
8. Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, click the underlined People or public group and in the To field at the bottom of the address book, input your bespoke Casengo email address and click Ok. You should now see, in Step 2, Apply this rule after the message arrives, redirect it to .... Click Next.
9. Under Step 1: Select exception(s) (if necessary), check any exceptions you wish to apply. Update ‘Step 2’ with the additional information needed by clicking on the underlined text. Click Next.
10. Under Step 1: Specify a name for this rule, input the name of your rule. For example, Casengo redirect.
11. Under Step 2: Setup rule options, choose whether to Run this rule on messages already in inbox or Turn on this rule so that only new messages are forwarded to your Casengo account.
12. Click Finish, then Apply and finally Ok, and you’re done!

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